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TNS Diamonds has been Philadelphia’s most trusted watch repair service for over 25 years.

Location: 136 S 8th St, Unit A, Philadelphia, PA 19107

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The best way to keep your Bulgari looking like new is to bring it to TNS Diamonds for Bulgari Repair Philadelphia. We can repair anything that might be wrong with your Bulgari. We can give your Bulgari it’s shine back. We can make sure it’s cleaned inside and out. We have over 20 years experience with Bulgari Watch Repair and we’re the best in the “Row” We specialize in Bulgari Repair Philadelphia and we are the best and only place to bring your Bulgari for service needs in Philadelphia. If you need your Bulgari repaired, Fill Out This Form for services and prices. You’ll get your watch back in perfect working condition and we guarantee you’ll love it. We use a few special tools and instruments that we use to ensure that your Bulgari is running at its best. We can take the back of the Bulgari off and inspect the movement manually. We also use special instruments to check your Bulgari for leaks and to pressure test it for water resistance.

  • Battery Replacement
  • Part Replacement
  • Polishing
  • Cleaning
  • Overhaul
  • and many more!

Over 25 years! Come to our store at 136 S. 8th Street


Mon – Fri 10:30am – 5:30pm EST
136 S 8th St, Unit A, Philadelphia, PA 19107
Call Us: (215) 922-1501


To keep your Bulgari in the same condition and looking like new – like it just came fromt he factory, grab your Bulgari and head to the best place for Bulgari Repair Philadelphia where you can have it repaired, polished, or overhauled at TNS Diamonds. We have the best prices and the quickest turnaround time of any place in the area. Check out the photos above to see one of our repair technicians in action! We have specialists in Bulgari repair that can help you with anything that you might want repaired or fixed on your Bulgari watch. We can make it look like new and shiny by polishing it or we can fix the most complicated problem that might be plaguing your Bulgari. We have many other services available and may watches in stock. Give us a call today for a quote. Or, come to our store at 136 S 8th St in Philadelphia’s Jeweler’s Row.

  • Assioma
  • B.Zero1
  • Cerchi
  • Daniel Roth
  • Endurer
  • Diagono
  • Gefica
  • Mediterranean Eden
  • Serpenti
  • Sotirio

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Mon – Fri 10:30am – 5:30pm EST
136 S 8th St, Unit A, Philadelphia, PA 19107
Call Us: (215) 922-1501

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