The Rolex Batman is one of the most sought-after models in the Rolex lineup, known for its striking blue and black bezel and its robust build. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or new to the world of luxury watches, authenticating a Rolex Batman is crucial to ensure you’re getting the genuine article. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the detailed process of verifying the authenticity of a Rolex Batman.




  • Introduction: Before paying the customer for the Rolex Batman, the watch needs to be thoroughly inspected and authenticated to ensure it has no issues.
  • Importance of Multiple Checks: It’s important to note that while fakes can get some details right, they can’t get everything perfect. Authenticity is confirmed through a combination of checks, not just one method.
  • Warranty Card Verification: The warranty card is inspected under a blacklight to check for the repeating “Rolex” text in the top portion. The presence of the original serialized hang tag is also confirmed. Fakes usually don’t include these details.
  • Initial Watch Check: The crown is unscrewed, and in the second position, the date is changed forward and backward. Many fakes can’t change the date backward, making this a useful check.
  • Dial and Hands Inspection: Using a loupe, the dial is inspected for cleanliness and the hands for any blemishes. The dial and hands should be spotless, indicating the watch hasn’t been tampered with.
  • Crystal Check: The Rolex crown etched into the crystal at the 6 o’clock position is examined. It should be visible only from a specific angle. If it’s easily seen, it’s likely a fake crystal.
  • Bracelet and Clasp Examination: The clasp is inspected, confirming it has the correct matte finish for a 2013 model. The bracelet is likely original to the watch.
  • Rehaut Inspection: The rehaut, the metal rim inside the glass, is checked for the engraved serial number and the repeating “Rolex” text. The texture of the font is closely examined with a high-powered loupe.
  • Bracelet Removal: Using a tool to remove the bracelet, the model number of the bracelet and the Rolex crown etched into it are verified. The bracelet should come off smoothly without any force.
  • Case Back and Movement Inspection: The case back is opened to inspect the movement. The movement, a 3186 caliber, is checked to ensure it’s genuine. The movement should not have any signs of tampering, such as turned screws, which would indicate it has been serviced or parts have been replaced.
  • Final Checks: The watch is placed on a time grapher to ensure it’s running accurately. Once all checks are complete, the customer is paid.


Authenticating a Rolex Batman involves several meticulous steps to ensure every detail is verified. By following these steps, you can confidently determine the authenticity of your Rolex Batman. If you have any specific watches you’d like to see authenticated in future videos, please reach out to us. Thank you for watching and trusting TNS Diamonds with your luxury watch needs.


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