TNS Diamonds has been Philadelphia’s most trusted watch repair service for over 25 years.

Location: 136 S 8th St, Unit A, Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Watch Repair Request Form

Watch Repair Form

Average Costs Guide

Prices change frequently, inquire by calling, stopping by, or filling out our repair form.

  • Automatic Overhaul – $385 and up (14-28 days)
  • Manual Vintage Overhaul – $325 and up (7-10 days)
  • Battery Change & Waterproof – $20 and up (10mins – 2 hours)
  • Exterior Detailing – Scratch Removal, Polish, Satin – $75 and up
  • Authentication of Swiss watches
  • Dial Refinish, Replace hands, and various other services are available.


Mon – Fri 10:30am – 5:30pm EST
136 S 8th St, Unit A, Philadelphia, PA 19107
Call Us: (215) 922-1501






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Mon – Fri 10:30am – 5:30pm EST
136 S 8th St, Unit A, Philadelphia, PA 19107
Call Us: (215) 922-1501

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Services Overview

Mon – Fri 10:30am – 5:30pm EST
136 S 8th St, Unit A, Philadelphia, PA 19107
Call Us: (215) 922-1501

Complete Watch Servicing

Like any machine, a mechanical watch needs regular servicing to maintain reliability, full functionality, and accurate time-keeping. If your mechanical watch is running more than 2-3 minutes fast or slow it may be time for a full servicing.

When a watch is in for service, it is thoroughly inspected for any damaged or worn out components. The watch then goes through a full cleaning of the mechanism, after which it is regulated and re-cased.  A waterproofing check is performed for every waterproof watch upon re-casing. The watch is also tested to ensure timekeeping accuracy.

The average time of repair is 7-10 days. The average service interval for a mechanical timepiece is 5-10 years between full overhauls.

Battery replacement and minor watch repair

When the battery in your watch goes flat, or your watch needs minor repair work, TNS Diamonds has you covered. We install batteries for all brands of watches including, but not limited to, Rolex Quartz, Breitling Quartz, Omega, Ebel, Baume & Mercier, Tag Heuer, and other major Swiss brands.

Watches received for battery changes that are shipped in are generally shipped out the same day.

We also do minor repairs including but not limited to band and strap replacement, hand re-seating, case-back and crystal gasket replacements, bracelet re-sizing, and any other minor issues that you may encounter.

Exterior Detailing

If you’ve ever wanted to add diamonds to your timepiece or simply want to bring back its original finish, TNS Diamonds has got you covered.

We do detailing work for watches of all shapes and sizes. Scratches and blemishes can be removed on most watches, to make the watch look like NEW! We work on all watches including Steel, Gold, Titanium or Platinum.

We also refinish dials that are damaged and do custom diamond dials for most watches. Please call for details.

Emergency repair

Broken crystals or water in the movement are considered urgent repairs. The longer you wait, the more potential for debris to enter the sensitive mechanism, and for rust to form. A simple repair can become very costly if parts begin to rust. 

At TNS Diamonds we make sure to stop the damaging effects of debris and rust as soon as the watch enters our doors. If water has entered the movement, it is immediately uncased and dried to prevent any additional damage from occurring. In the event of a broken crystal the broken glass is removed and the case is thoroughly cleaned, with the movement being inspected for debris and glass pieces. 

Watch Repair Philadelphia Request Form

Mon – Fri 10:30am – 5:30pm EST
136 S 8th St, Unit A, Philadelphia, PA 19107
Call Us: (215) 922-1501

Watch Repair Form