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About Breitling Watches

Breitling has been around since 1884 when Leon Breitling founded the company. Anyone who prioritizes accurate time-telling without compromising high-quality materials will look for a Breitling watch. Breitling’s logo is a winged letter “B” interpolated into an anchor.

Just like its logo, Breitling has anchored itself in the consciousness of watch enthusiasts. Even pilots prefer Breitling watches because of their precision. The company’s aviation association continues to this day, as it produces timepieces specifically designed for pilots.

As you browse our collection of pre-owned Breitling watches, you will discover pieces from various generations. Select your favorite one and secure it for yourself!

A Brief Look at the Breitling Watch Through History

1884: Leon Breitling founded the independent company. Globally, many people count this brand among the most successful luxury watch manufacturers based in Switzerland.

1892: Breitling’s excellent quality and designs caught traction, allowing the brand to move to larger premises. They continued business in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

1923: Leon Breitling developed the first watch with independent chronograph pushes. Speed racing has always fascinated this brand’s founder, prompting him to create reliable stopwatches.

1934: Breitling watches gained a second pusher, allowing their stopwatch feature to reset to zero. This design remains a standard in the brand’s modern chronographs.

How Much Is My Breitling Watch Worth

If you are fortunate enough to own a Breitling, you may wonder what it would be worth on today’s market. Here at TNS Diamonds, we handle and evaluate many precious watches every day, and over the years. Our passion for fine watches has given us the opportunity to encounter luxury timepieces across the spectrum of value. When a watch owner asks us “How much is my Breitling worth?” we look at three distinct factors:

Your Breitling Watch Model

There have been hundreds of Breitling models made over several decades, and each one holds a unique value, which can range from about $1000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you’re unsure which model you own, first check the paperwork that came with your watch. If it’s unavailable, you’ll have to look deeper. Current Breitlings, from the 1970s onwards, all carry a reference number which consists of a letter and five numbers. Older models use a range of serial number configurations. Your best bet is to bring your watch to a professional, who can locate and interpret your watch’s identification number.

The Age of Your Breitling Watch

The worth of Breitling watches also depends on when they were made. For many models, the older your watch is, the more valuable it may be. Vintage is king, provided that the watch has been well-cared for.

The Condition counts

Any scratches, dings, discolorations, or damage will bring down the price of your watch. Breitling watches, on the whole, are extremely sturdy, but accidents do happen. Be careful when having the watch repaired and only go to a certified dealer: unoriginal parts and unprofessional repairs can cost you much more in the end by depreciating your timepiece.

The Paperworks you have

The original paperwork and watch will add to the resale appeal of your Breitling watch. Not only is it the best way to prove authenticity, but it also preserves the history of the watch.

Providing the box with the watch will also increase its value. The box can serve as a storage unit for the watch when it is not being worn and many watch enthusiasts are willing to pay more when a watch has its original box.

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