How to Spot a Fake Rolex

​Are you shopping for a Rolex Watch and wondering how to spot a fake Rolex watch? Rolex is undoubtedly a pioneer of luxury watchmaking, as the brand itself has become synonymous with success, wealth, style, and opulence. However, the great popularity of this brand has its downside because it has encouraged more and more manufacturers to counterfeit Rolex watches. It’s hard to believe, but there are actually more fake Rolex watches out there than real ones. So as a Rolex lover, you should be aware of scams and fake watches and do your best to avoid becoming a victim when buying a Rolex timepiece.

Spending an arm and a leg to buy a Rolex and ending up with a fake on your wrist is probably the last thing you want to experience in your life. If you can’t afford a genuine Rolex, buy a cheaper but original brand, and not a fake. To avoid falling into the trap of buying a counterfeit Rolex, you should be able to spot a fake Rolex. This isn’t an easy task and takes experience and knowledge, but paying attention to some details can be of great help when it comes to checking a Rolex watch for authenticity.

Serial Number

Checking the serial number is probably the first thing you should do. Each Rolex has its own unique serial number engraved deep into the metal. A serial number that is effortlessly etched with acid is a major indicator that something is wrong with the watch.

Another way to identify a fake Rolex by its serial number is to type the number with quotation marks on both sides into Google and search for the exact match. If you get a lot of results, you will know that the watch is not authentic.

Mechanical Movement

This is an area where you need to use your sense of touch as well as your sight. You need to hold the watch in your hand to notice how smooth it feels when you interact with it through the winding crown.

Rolex uses the most advanced technologies and the highest quality materials for its watches. It’s very expensive and time consuming for companies to use these technologies and materials. If you feel a slight jerking or ticking sound in the movement of the hands, you can be almost sure that you have a fake Rolex in your hand.

The Weight

Spot a Fake Rolex

As we mentioned earlier, Rolex places a lot of emphasis on the quality of the materials they use for their watches. Their products are usually made from premium metals that feel heavy in your hands.

One way to spot a fake Rolex is to find out the exact weight of the watch model you want to purchase and see if the watch you buy has the same weight or not.

The Cyclops

Rolex has a date window called Cyclops that not only displays the date but also magnifies it 2.5 times to make it easier to read. It’s very difficult for counterfeit manufacturers to make these Cyclops perfectly, as they magnify the number and also need to be absolutely clear. Rolex uses clear anti-reflective material under the cyclops to make the date more legible. Counterfeit watches usually have tinted cyclops, which can be considered a big red flag.

Also, the cyclops should be domed and you should feel a bump when you touch the glass. If it’s absolutely flat, it means that it’s not an original Rolex.

The Crown

A true luxury brand like Rolex should have a crown in its logo. Real Rolexes have a small laser-etched crown on the crystal at 6 o’clock. This crown is very difficult to see with the naked eye, so we recommend using an eyeglass or a jewelry loupe to be able to see it. If you don’t have one, you should hold the watch at a certain angle to spot it.

The Rolex laser etches the crown logo into the crystal with tiny dots at different depths and heights, so it looks like it’s one continuous line. Most fake Rolex manufacturers are unable to reproduce this process. If you look closely at the logo and determine if it has dots at different depths, you can definitely spot a fake Rolex.

The Dial

The dial of a watch is the window to its soul, especially if it’s a Rolex watch. The dial of a Rolex watch is absolutely perfect, to say the least. Exceptional quality is evident in the printing, font, hands, markings, texture, and spacing of Rolex watches.

You should see and touch different Rolex models several times to see how well Rolex has executed these features. The dial of a fake Rolex may appear decent to the naked eye, but if you look closer, you’ll notice the significant difference.

The Bracelet

Another way to spot a fake Rolex is the bracelet and how it falls. The bracelet should fall seamlessly, without snagging, curling or breaking. Hold the watch in your hand and let the bracelet fall. Observe it closely and decide if it’s a genuine Rolex or a replica.

The Touch

Some experts can spot a fake Rolex with closed eyes just by touching the product. When it comes to distinguishing between a real and a fake Rolex, the sense of touch is crucial. Rolex has made the contours and corners of its watches nice and smooth. If you feel sharp or rough spots when touching a Rolex, there is a pretty good chance that you’re touching a fake.


There may be many factories trying to make fake Rolex watches, and they are getting better at copying the products, but remember that they can never get everything right, so there is always something wrong. It’s almost impossible to spot a fake Rolex just by reading one article. It takes years of experience to spot a fake Rolex for sure. So you should always try to buy Rolex watches from reputable dealers and trustworthy sellers. 

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